The following is the list of all of our place finishers at the annual War at the Shore.  Please note that in 2007 and 2008 Apex was located in Premier Complete Training Center in Saddle Brook, NJ.  For those years, on the official brackets, our athletes are listed under “Premier.”



Ban 65 Jason Estevez 6th Mid 53 Jan Rosenberg 2nd
Ban 65 Mike Silano 7th Mid 89 Jorge Jimenez 7th
Mid 82 Vincent Silano 3rd Mid 96 Nick Baranello 2nd
Jun 66 Lenny Richardson 7th Jun 77 Vincent Silano 6th
Jun 72 Frank Cagnina 1st
Int 102 Matt Spataro 3rd
Int 128 Emmanuel Ajagbe 4th
Int 150 Mark Peck 7th
HS 173 Derreck Van Dyke 4th



Mid 96 Joey Fisco 3rd ban 60 Shane Griffith 6th
Jun 67 Juan Alorro 6th ban 70 Joseph Grello 1st
jun 87 Frankie Colom 7th ban 75 Dominick Mainiero 1st
jun 93 Nick Alpher 7th mid 58 Anthony Delorenzo 3rd
jun 99 Vincent Silano 7th mid 63 AJ Vindici 3rd
jun 140 Mike Spenser 7th mid 63 Joe Trovato 6th
int 80 Chris Lantz 6th mid 78 Tyler Loughlin 3rd
int 190 Kevin Innis 4th mid 96 Vinny Mainiero 5th
HS 107 Joe Ortiz 4th mid 105 Alyssa Neal 5th
HS 142 Andrew Van Dyk 3rd jun 62 Tyler Casamenti 2nd
jun 62 Jan Rosenberg 7th
jun 72 Anthony Ashnault 1st
jun 99 Jorge Jimenez 7th
jun 106 Ryan Harrington 1st
int 85 Joe Giaccio 5th
int 96 Frankie Colom 7th
int 102 Nick Alpher 5th
HS 95 Lenny Richardson 3rd
HS137 Chris Mullen 7th
HS 147 Dan Clarke 1st
HS 162 Victor Stanziale 4th



Ban 44 Kyle Kaiser 5th Ban 52 Mitch Polito 3rd
Ban 65 Josh McKenzie 1st Ban 75 Josh McKenzie 1st
Ban 60 Robbie Carmichael 2nd Mid 68 Shane Griffith 2nd
Ban 65 Shane Griffith 1st Mid 73 Carl Vasti 6th
Ban 70 Garrett Beam 2nd Mid 78 Garrett Beam 4th
Ban 70 Michael LLic 7th Mid 78 John Zecca 5th
Ban 82 Brian Bonino 2nd Mid 78 Nick Esposito 7th
Mid 58 Nick Suriano 1st Jun 67 Nick Suriano 1st
Mid 68 Zach Hertling 5th Jun 73 Zach Hertling 1st
Mid 73 Joe Travato 4th Jun 77 Joe Travato 5th
Mid 78 Joe Grello 6th Jun 87 Tyler Smith 4th
Mid 83 Tyler Smith 2nd Jun 106 Josef Johnson 2nd
Jun 67 Tyler Casamenti 7th Jun 115 Kevin Layne 4th
Jun 77 Ryan Burkert 4th Jun 200 Armand Cox 2nd
Jun 125 Jeff Farina 1st Int 96 Luis Gonzalez 4th
Jun 140 Joey Fisco 2nd HS 121 Lenny Richardson 1st
Int 80 Jan Rosenberg 2nd HS 147 Ben Villaret 4th
Int 85 Mike Maye 2nd HS 173 James Fox 7th
Int 85 Mike Kalimtzis 7th HS 285 Mike Spencer 7th
Int 110 Mike Ferinde 7th
Int 119 Frankie Colom 4th
Int 128 Luke Iorio 6th
Int 150 Keith Lemongello 4th
HS 95 Joey Mazza 1st
HS 107 Zach Zotollo 3rd
HS 114 Nick Alpher 6th
HS 137 Joe Yuskitis 5th
HS 191 Phil Ernst 6th


Joe Oliva 3rd
Joe Giaccio 2nd
Devin Geoghegan 5th
Mike Khoury 1st
Kyle Kania 4th
Christian Barber 2nd
Ben Villaret 1st
Jan Rosenberg*Former Member 4th
Lenny Richardson 3rd
Ryan Burkert 5th
Luis Gonzalez 3rd
Josef Johnson 4th
Christian Bassolino 4th
Sal Profacci 1st
Matt Zovistosky 2nd
Nick Suriano 1st
Mike Russo 6th
Armand Cox 6th
Joe Travato 1st
Zach Hertling 2nd
Jonathan Tropea 4th
Brian Bonino 3rd
Shane Griffith 2nd
Garrett Beam 1st
Joe Manno 2nd
Damian Weaver 2nd