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“When Matthew first came to Apex 3 1/2 years ago, he was a below average wrestler.  He struggled athletically and with wrestling.  Matt was tired of getting pinned and teched at every PA and NJ tournament we went to.  We decided to try Apex after meeting some of the coaches and wrestlers at a tournament at our home school in Staten Island.  Coach Matt told me that within two years Apex could turn my son into one of the top wrestlers in the area.  All of the staff was very supportive of my son and his goals.  Their support gave Matt the confidence to train hard and keep working every day.

He has become one of the most techniqucal kids in the area and continually is challenging the best kids in NJ and PA.  We will never consider attending any other club.  My youngest son recently joined Apex as well and I am conident that they will help Anthony surpass his big brother by virtue of being in the Apex system at such a young age.  The biggest misconception about Apex is that it’s for elite kids only, or that they will throw you to the wolves.  Neither could be further from the truth.  They take any kid of any level and take their time building them up and bringing them along.  If Apex can transform my boy from a subpar wrestler and athlete into an elite competitor then they can help anyone achieve their goals!”
– Steve Seitz, father of Matthew and Anthony Seitz