Apex Wrestling School has partner with Champion Athletes to provide Olympic level Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition and Injury Prevention for our Athletes.

Champion Athletes LLC., was founded by Apex General Manager Dan Wernikoff and Apex Coach Matthew Wernikoff to provide a higher level of Strength and Conditioning for athletes in any sport and for any age.

Our proven system is based on individualization, evaluations and the most modern training methods.

For more information visit: www.Champion-Athletes.com

You can follow Champion Athletes on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also visit Matthew Wernikoffs Youtube Channel for lifting tips and technique videos as well as his wrestling videos.

Sports Nutrition

Champion Athletes provides sports nutrition plans for athletes looking to lose weight, maintain or gain weight, or who just want to provide their body with the best possible nutrition to maximize performance.

Our sports nutrition program will optimize your diet and nutrition so that you can achieve your ideal competition weight and maximize performance. Nutrition and ideal body composition play an essential role in achieving your performance goals and maximizing your success.

Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual athlete through a comprehensive assessment and continuous reevaluation. For those athletes who are still developing we also take into consideration when they are going to hit a growth spurt and how tall they are going to be through our Growth Analysis and Projection Evaluation. Whether you are a first time wrestler or martial arts competitor or an athlete of elite status, the Champion Athletes Sports Nutrition Program has the capacity to meet your needs.

To read more about our Sports Nutrition Program visit our Sports Nutrition Website: http://champion-athletes.com/site/sports-nutrition/

Sports Performance Training

Champion Athletes Sports Performance Programs are designed to help you achieve both your short term and long term fitness goals. We emphasize proper form and technique. Each program is designed around the individuals unique needs and goals. Through a carefully developed program not only will you get stronger, faster and more agile, you will decrease your risk of injury and increase your recover time.

Strength and Conditioning Program

Our Strength & Conditioning Programs are personalized 1hr. sessions based on our comprehensive assessments. Athletes are placed in small, semi-private groups of between 2-6 athletes based on skill, age, goals and the individulaized program. The first 40 minutes of each session are general movement and strength or conditioning exercises. The last 20 minutes is devoted to exercises for each individual in the group based on their individual assessment.

To read more about our Sports Performance/Strength and Conditioning Programs as well as our speed and agility and other training programs visit our website at: http://champion-athletes.com/site/sports-performance/

Injury Management and Treatment

Champion Athletes provides re-hab services for injuried athletes for a variety of injuries. We also provide treatments including flexibility enhancement, stim and ultra sound soft tissue treatments, and sports chirporatic care to help our athletes recover from injuries faster.

Current and Former Client Schools and Programs

Chertow Camp Systems

National High School Coaches Association

NY-USA Wrestling

David Brearly Wrestling Program

Don Bosco Pre Wrestling Program

Monsingor Farrell Wrestling Program

Condors Swimming Club, NY

(A USA Swimming Level 3 Program)

Some of our Current Clients:

Anthony Ashnault: 3X Undefeated NJ State Champion, 2X Super 32 Champion, 4X Fargo All-American

Alexander “Lenny’ Richardson: New Jersey State Champion and 2012 Senior National Champion, 2X NHSCA National Champion

Tony Pafumi: 3rd in NJ in 2012, 5th in NJ, 3X NJ State Qualifier, 3X NHSCA All-American

Steve Ramos: 3rd in NYS, NC State Scholarship Wrestler

Alex Moreno: NJ State Qualifier, Stevens Institute Wrestler

David Gerity: Varsity Goalie, Bergen Catholic Hockey

Ben Villarett: NYC All-times Wins Leader

Cameron McLauren: 2010 NY Section 9 Champion

Chris Lantz: 5th in 2010 NJ State Championships

Matt Digiovanni: Captain Cranford Wrestling Program, Region Champion

Devin Geoghegan: 2011 NJ State Runner-up

Dillon Geoghegan: NJ State Qualifier, NJ Freestyle/Greco Place Finisher

Dan Ries: 8th in 2010 NJ State Championships

Khusen Tamarov: 5th in 2010 NJ State Championships

Joe Giaccio: 2010 Region 3 Champion

John Balboni: 2010 State Qualifier

Tony Carlo: 4X NY Catholic State Champion, 2nd

in 2010 NYS Championships

Vinnie Fuchetti: NHSCA All-American

Mike Ferinde: Captain, Nutley High School

Mike Vespa: 3x NY Section 9 Champion, NYS Place Finisher

Joe Cummings: NY Section 1 Champion, Appalachian State Scholarship Wrestler

Connor Burkert: 5X Rec State Place Finisher, Starter for St. Peters Prep

Ryan Burkert: 5X Rec State Place Finisher, Starter for St. Peters Prep

JP Christiano: Captain and NJ State Qualifier, Cranford Football and Wrestling

John Stramiello: 5th in NYS in 2012, 2X NY Section 9 Champion

Gavin Murray: 4th in 2010 NJ Rec State Championships

Christian Bassolino: NJ Rec State Placer, Starter Hanover Park High School

Joe Oliva: NJ State Qualifier, Multiple Time NJ Rec State Place Finisher