This years NJ Youth State Championships were some of the most successful in Apex Wrestling School’s history.  In total we had 13 state champions, 9 runner-ups, 15 3rd place finishers and 76 medalists!  If anyone was missed or there is a mistake in the spelling of your name, what place you took or your weight class please email

Bantam Novice
Steve Perez 6th at 50lbs Joe Manno 5th at 60lbs
Ben Grater 3rd at 55lbs Luke Hoerle 8th at 60lbs
Damion Weaver 1st at 60lbs CJ Composto 1st at 65lbs
Mike Forstenhausler 3rd at 60lbs Eric Freeman 6th at 65lbs
Angel Mejia 6th at 65lbs Will Grater 7th at 65lbs
Jack Martan 7th at 65lbs Robert Howard 3rd at 70lbs
Richard Oh 5th at 70lbs Joe Cangro 4th at 70lbs
Joe Giordano 6th @ 75lbs Mike Cetta 1st at 75lbs
Brandon Myack 6th at 85lbs Colin Loughney 4th at 75lbs
Dillon Jenench 8th @ Hwt Connor O’Neill 7th at 75lbs
Nick Kayal 1st at 80lbs
Cadet Mike Massa 5th at 80lbs
Chris Gural 3rd at 94lbs Kacper Szuberski 3rd at 95lbs
Vince Concina 1st at 120lbs John Braun 8th at 95lbs
Nick Esposito 2nd at 120lbs Albert DeChillo 6th at 100lbs
Julian Bangish 5th at 132lbs Dillon Jennings 7th at 100lbs
Jesse Reiter 1st at 145lbs Eduard Bierals 3rd at HWT1
Mike Daniele 2nd at 171 Mike Toranzo 3rd at HWT2
Intermediate Junior
Kyle Kaiser 3rd at 70lbs Brett Ungar 2nd at 65lbs
Mike Kelly 2nd at 75lbs Don DiGena 8th at 65lbs
Matt Armanento 3rd at 75lbs Nick Incontrera 1st at 75lbs
Matt Daub 4th at 75lbs Ryan Anderson 2nd at 75lbs
John Garda 3rd at 80lbs Josh Ferreira 2nd at 80lbs
Justice Centrillo 4th at 80lbs Craig Manno 4th at 80lbs
Zach Rabinowitz 6th at 80lbs Mitch Polito 5th at 80lbs
Phil Ruiz 7th at 85lbs Josh Gobencion 1st at 85lbs
Evan DeLuise-Bitetto 5th at 91lbs Nick raimo 1st at 90lbs
Andrew Merola 1st at 98lbs Tommy Chiellini 5th at 90lbs
Dominic Fano 7th at 98lbs Joe Parsons 1st at 105lbs
Ray Wetzel 8th at 98lbs Michey O’Malley 2nd at 112lbs
Garrett Beam 5th at 105lbs Joe McCarthy 3rd at 120lbs
Tom Digiovanni 6th at 105lbs Matt D’allara 3rd at 120lbs
Lou Raimo 1st at 112lbs Josh McKenzie 1st at 128lbs
Nick Santos 2nd at 112lbs Jonathan Alvarado 3rd at HWT2
Damion Maver 3rd at 112lbs
Chris Scorese 4th at 112lbs
Matt Russo 5th at 112lbs
Kyle Cochran 2nd at 120lbs
Brian McLoughlin 3rd at 128lbs
Christian Correa 5th at 136lbs
Chris Reynolds 6th at 136lbs
Peter Acciardi 3rd at 175lbs
Sean O’Malley 4th at 175lbs
Eric Chakonis 1st at 285