Tired of having to search flo and youtube for matches of your favorite Apex Wrestlers?  Well worry no more!  Below we have collected and organized all of the videos of our wrestlers into one easy to browse section!  (Please note this page is in the process of being built and updated, please be patient as we upload clips!)

Rec. Matches and Interviews

Jonathan Tropea

Garrett Beam

Zach Hertling

High School Matches and Interviews

Ashnault, Anthony Franco, Jamie
Ajagbe, Emmanuel Scrozzo, Michael
Cagnina, Frank Westwood, Jamie
Cirello, Mark Ries, Dan
Flamio, Justis Stramiello, John
Geoghegan, Devin Digiovanni, Matt
Geoghegan, Dillon Barber, Christian
Gonzalez, Luis Richardson, Alex “Lenny”
Innis, Kevin Albano, Matt
Khoury, Mike
Oliveto, Nick
Pafumi, Anthony
Rigoglioso, Luke
Villaret, Ben
Zotollo, Zach