Queen of Peace Junior Frank Cagnina has signed a scholarship agreement with NCAA Division I power Lehigh University. Frank has said that signing early will allow him to focus on winning his third state title in the 2009-2010 wrestling season. Frank the 3rd ranked 125lb. Junior in the country is currently ranked 8th at 125 overall and is the 19th ranked recruit in the entire country according to Intermat.

Frank’s signing has gained national exposure as Lehigh builds one of the top recruiting classes in the country. The Observer wrote the following article:


The following is a brief Q and A with Frank:

Thanks for taking time out of training for the national duals to sit with us.

No problem

Lets start with the basic stuff first Frank, what’s your career record?

What was your record last year?


How many times have you won the Bergen County Tournament?

Three times.

That’s very impressive. How many times have you won districts and regions?

I have won both three times.

I know you are very driven and goal oriented. Can you tell us what your goals for this summer are?
My goals for this summer are to improve on some positions, fine tune the little things. Also, to win a national title at Fargo (Junior Nationals.)
What are you doing to continue to push yourself and make sure you accomplish those goals?

I really haven’t stopped training, I realized that hard work pays off, and I have been just working out hard.
What are your goals for next season?

Next Season I want to win it all starting off with the Super 32, Beast of the East, County, district, Region, and most importantly States!
What do you see as being your biggest challenge on your way to a third state title?

I think my biggest challenge would be myself. I just have to be ready.
How did losing in the 2008 state tournament motivate you?

When I look back on the loss I think it was for the better. Everyone would love to be perfect, but I think that it got me going again and I had something to work for, something motivating me to train harder than ever.
You have been training with Apex for years. What is it about Apex Wrestling School that has you coming back year after year?

I would consider myself a technical wrestler, and I feel that apex does a good job breaking down the right techniques that you need to be successful. They focus on the things that most people overlook which is really important.
Who, outside of coaches, has has the biggest influence on you? How?

I would say that my parents have the biggest influence on my. They have always been there to guide me in the right direction.

Frank Cagnina will be wrestling for Team NJ at the Junior National Freestyle Duals starting Friday, June 26th. Check back at the “wrestlers” page for up to reports.

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