We have partnered with a great company that will help each of our athletes reach their full potential.  In addition to our on staff personal trainer, Coach Matt, we are proud to recommend:



*1-HR Body Fat Analysis and Pre-season Nutritional Planning Sessions now available for wrestlers in both locations!*

*Champion Athletes’ Flexibilty Enhancement Program*

Champion Athletes develops individualized strength and conditioning programs which form the foundation for success at each athletic level.  We utilize the latest techniques used by Olympic Athletes to maximize flexibility, strength and conditioning.   Each program is based on a Comprehensive Athletic Assessment. (Click Here)

Each program implements a safe and comprehensive exercise program allowing the athlete to improve their overall athletic performance.

Our team considers every aspect impacting an athlete’s performance. Champion Athletes is solely dedicated to helping athletes maximize their potential by:

Improving performance

Decreasing the risk for injury

Motivation through education.

We focus on:

  • Sports Specific training
  • General Fitness and Health Training
  • Conditioning/Endurance Training focusing on increasing your lactic threshold.
  • Team/Small Group Training
  • Women’s Training and health.

We also offer these unique services:

  • Complete body fat anaylsis by a certified expert.
  • Complete diet and nutrition anaylsis as well as customized nutritional plans.
  • PNF Stretching (Click Here)
  • Rehabilitation
  • “Pre-Hab” preventing injuries before they occur!

Champion Athletes has over twenty years of experience working with children, teens and adults, as well as in the health care industry.  We are currently working with many NCAA Division I athletes in multiple sports in addition to many all-state athletes in the tri-state area.

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