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Attention Parents and wrestlers: If your name does not appear on one of the charts and it should please email with your name, division and weight class as well as place finish.  We will try to get it up as soon as possible.  We are aware that we are missing some kids from our records.  Thank you for your assistance.

Apex Wrestling would like to congratulate and support the youth wrestlers that have qualified for the 2010 New Jersey States. We thank the following qualifiers that have trained with us over the last year and have helped to make our wrestlers better. Their hard work and faith in our technical system of training will pay off over their future as competitors.

Congratulations to the more than 110 Apex affiliated wrestlers who qualified for the 2010 New Jersey Youth States! You are all champions, trained by champions, who train with champions. Good Luck! We Support You!


45 – Joseph Manno 65 – AJ Bencivenga
50 – Dylan Weaver, Robert Howard,

CJ Composto, Kelly Dunnigan

70 – Conor Katz
55 – Chris Wozniak, Conor Halpin 75 – Zack Cesaro
60 – Evan Kanterman, Raymond Dellosa 106 – Michael Conrad


60 – Chris Scorese 95 – Vincent Defilippo, Austin Oliver,

Alex Sebahie, Cole Cusanelli

65 – Johnathan Tropea, Jimmy Criscione,

Mike Nigro, Chris Hulahan

100 – Christian Bassolino, Sal Profacci,

Michael Daniele, Jalaa Darwish, Dominick Salvatore, Andrew Somple

70 – Chase Gunther, John Zarro 105 – Brian Lapham, Spenser Carey,

Sonny Simonetti

75 – Nick Suriano, Dominick Mandarino,

Val Miele, Damian Maver, Alfonse DeMaria

112 – Anthony Tompkins
80 – Jack Fleishman, Steve Bonsall, Carl Vasti 120 – Danny Sblendorio, James Ogden
85 – Zack Hertling, Joe Rocca, Joe Ferende,

Christian Correa

128 – Matt Zovistosky, Kyle Inlander
90 – Joseph Trovato, Jimmy Reardon,

Shawn Sodora

144 – Nick Ballas


50 – Kyle Kaiser, Mike Reardon, Tom Casey 80 – Garrett Beam, Matt Dallara
55 – Mitchell Polito, Ryan Perez 85 – John Zecca, Alistair Kapadia
60 – Philip Ruiz, Joseph Brucato 100 – Brian Bonino
65 – Thomas Digiovanni, Ray Wetzel 123 – Sean O’Malley
70 – Robert Carmichael, Jordan Robinson 133 – Jonathan Alvarado
75 – Shane Griffith, Brian McGovern,

Michael  O’Malley


70- Dominick Gallo 112 – Tyler Loughlin, Danny White
75 – Anthony Delorenzo 120 – Jonathan Patane
80 – Craig Delacruz, Pat Darcy 128 – Joseph-Omari Johnson
85 – Chris Ambrogio, Danny Boychuck,

Robert Shaner

136 – Justin Corio, Nick Carey
91 – Ryan Burkert, Eric Giantonnio,

Gavin Murray, Mike Russo

152 – Tommy Hatton, Joe Balboni, Joey Fisco
98 – Connor Burkert, Danny Lynch 175 – Armond Cox, Lorenzo Fazio
105 – Joe Oliva, Ryan Hoy 215 – Alex Capicchione


112 – Luis Gonzalez, Nick Palmer,

Brian Robinson Jr.

152 – CJ Levin, Jimmy Dwyer, Chris Collado
125 – John Volmer 285 – Kyle Kania
140 – Corey Markovitch
Here are the 2009 Results:

2009 ASICS USAW Freestyle and Greco-Roman Championships

Garret Beam

4th in Greco-Roman, 3rd in Freestyle

2X Freestyle All-American



*L: Steve Comstock-California 0-7, 2-6

W: Jace Anderson-Utah 4-0,6-8,8-0

W: Ritchie Heywood Utah 1-5, 3-1,6-4

*L: Steve Comstock-California 2-4, 0-6

W: Kione Gill- Washington 4-1, 2-0

W: Thunder Lopez- Arizona 7-0, F 0:29

W: Briceton Brancj- Oregan F 0:32

W: Tatan Ringel- Utah 6-0,6-0

L: James Rodgers- Washington 7-1, 6-2

W: Kione Gill-Washington 8-0, 7-0

*Lost to eventual Champion

*Lost to eventual Champion

2009 Northeast Regional Championships



1st: Garrett Beam 1st: Garrett Beam
W: Mason Wiest (Pa.) Fall 0:55 W: Creighton Edsell (Pa.) Dec. 5-1,7-0
W: Max Kutepov (NY) Fall 0:48 W: Mason Wiest (Pa.) Fall 6-0, 0:19
W: Dennis Makuyev (NY) Fall 0:10 W: Max Kutepov (NY) Fall 7-1, 0:36

2009 Cliff Kleen Tulsa Nationals

Champion Nick Suriano- 12yr. old Division 64lbs

2X Finalist, Defeated 3X champion in the finals.

2009 Ohio Tournament of Champions

Champion Shane Griffith- Midget Division 68lbs

Champion Joe Travato- Junior Division 78lbs

4th Garret Beam  Midget 76lbs 3rd Zach Hertling Junior 74lbs 6th CJ Levin Schoolboy 160
2nd Luis Gonzalez Cadet 98lbs 4th Tyler Loughlin Schoolboy 90

2009 War at the Shore Wildwood, NJ

1st Nick Suriano Junior 67lbs.

2X Champ

5th Joe Travato Junior 77lbs. 4th Tyler Smith Junior 87lbs.
TT Hatton 8th HWT 2nd Shane Griffith Midget 68lbs

2X Finalist

4th Garrett Beam Midget 78lbs
5th John Zecca Midget 78lbs. 7th Nick Esposito Midget 78lbs 1st Zach Hertling Junior 72lbs.

2008 War at the Shore Wildwood, NJ

1st Nick Suriano Midget 58lbs. 5th Kyle Kaiser Bantam 44lbs 1st Josh McKenzie Midget 60lbs.
2nd Robbie Carmichael Midget 60lbs. 1st Shane Griffith Midget 65lbs. 2nd Garrett Beam Midget 70lbs
2nd Brian Bonino Midget 82lbs. 5th Zach Hertling Midget 68lbs 4th Joe Travato Midget 73lbs.
2nd Tyler Smith Midget 83lbs 8th Justin Becker Junior 106lbs 6th Thomas Maldano Junior 115lbs

2008 USAW-NJ States-Novice Division

1st Nick Suriano 60lbs 7th Dominick Mandirno 65lbs 4th Zach Hertling 70lbs
3rd Joe Travato 75lbs 3rd Tyler Smith 80lbs 7th Adam Schlereth 80lbs
4th Alex Sebahie 85lbs

2008 USAW-NJ States-Bantam Division

7th Kyle Kaiser 45lbs 2nd Phillip Ruiz 55lbs 5th Cole Kreshpane 60lbs
1st Shane Griffith 65lbs 2nd Garrett Beam 70lbs 3rd Kyle Cochran 70lbs
1st Brian Bonino 85lbs

2008 USAW-NJ States-Intermediate Division

Data is not available.  If you have results for this division please email us.  Thank you.

2008 USAW-NJ States-Juniors Division

6th Collin Hanley 65lbs 2nd Chris Ambrosio 70lbs 4th Tyler Laughlin 80lbs
5th Ryan Burkert 80lbs 1st Jason Estevez 90lbs 8th Brandon Keena 100lbs
5th Brad Krosser 105lbs 6th Justin Becker 105lbs 6th TT Hatton 140lbs

2008 USAW-NJ States-HS Cadet Division

1st Matt Jacobson 112lbs. 6th Mike Ferinde 112lbs 2nd Shawn Fleche 130lbs
3rd Alex Cimiluca 152lbs

2009 USAW-NJ States-Novice Division

4th: Kyle Kaiser 50lbs 1st: Shane Griffith 70lbs 3rd: Dominick Mandarino 70lbs
7th: John Zecca 75lbs 3rd: Garrett Beam 80lbs 7th: Nick Esposito 80lbs
6th: Brian Bonino 90lbs

2009 USAW-NJ States-Intermediate Division

5th Brad Krosser 120lbs

2009 USAW-NJ States-Juniors Division

1st: Nick Suriano 65lbs

3X State Champ

3rd: Anthony Delorenzo 70lbs. 2nd: Joe Travato 80lbs
1st: Zach Hertling 75lbs. 1st: Tyler Loughlin 95lbs. 4th Joe Oliva 95lbs
7th: Tyler Smith 90lbs 5th Tom Hatton HWT 7th Gavin Murray

2009 USAW-NJ States-HS Cadet Division

2nd: Joe Rizzitello 130lbs 4th Billy Reardon 105lbs 7th Luke Iorio 145lbs
2009 USAW-NJ Bantam Division
4th Perry Maio 60lbs