Apex Wrestling School teaches all wrestlers the fundamental skills, techniques, and values  necessary to achieve their personal goals.  Apex is committed to guiding each wrestler through each level of the sport, from beginner to advanced, by actively supporting, evaluating, and understanding each wrestler’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Apex Wrestling School’s goal is to to help build on each wrestler’s existing talents and help each wrestler improve in areas in which they may be lacking.  Apex will also work to strengthen each wrestler’s commitment to to the sport by instilling essential values such as: competitiveness, good sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect.  These values are crucial to any successful wrestler.

Apex Wrestling School is a year round institution designed and geared towards wrestlers who desire to be a champion and are committed to doing the things that will separate them from the “average wrestler.”  The coaches at Apex Wrestling School are prepared to give those dedicated wrestlers the tools, technique, motivation and training to reach the next level. Emphasis on technique, film review and methodical critiquing from the coaching staff will be provided for all levels and ages.

Apex Wrestling School is more than a NJ Wrestling Club.  We provide guidance for youth, middle school, high school and college wrestlers in New Jersey.