This past weekend Apex Wrestling School members made the annual treck down to Wildwood NJ for the 2011 War at the Shore.  The War attracts over 1,800 wrestlers from 22 different states in what has become one of the toughest off season tournaments in the country.

In total Apex placed 26 wrestlers including 5 champion.  Apex wrestlers earned the Most Outstanding Wrestler Award in 4 out of the 5 divisions!  Below are results and pictures from this past weekend.


Joe Manno: 48lbs Champion and Bantam Division Most Outstanding Wrestler  

Cole Psemeneki: 48lbs 5th

Ivan Garcia: 56lbs 2nd

Michael Cetta: 65lbs 2nd

Nick Kayal: 75lbs 3rd

Garrett Beam: 87lbs 5th

Nick Suriano: 85lbs Champion and Intermediate Division Most Outstanding Wrestler

Ryan Freeman: 90lbs True 2nd

Joe Travato: 96lbs 3rd

Christian Bassolino: 119lbs 4th

Matthew Zovistoski: 140lbs 3rd

Jordan Fox: 165lbs 6th

Zach Hertling: 107lbs 2nd


Mike Spencer: 287lbs 3rdMitch Polito: 63lbs 6th

Nick Incontrera: 68lbs Champion

Evan Deluise-Bitteto: 77lbs Champion and Junior Division Most Outstanding Wrestler

Luis Gonzalez: 114lbs 2nd

Ryan Burkert: 114lbs 3rd

Justin Colon: 127lbs 5th

Lenny Richardson: 142lbs 3rd

Joseph Johnson: 142lbs 4th

Frankie Colom: 154’bs 6th

Sal Mastriani: 162lbs Champion and High School Division Most Outstanding Wrestler

Devin Geoghegan: 162lbs 2nd

Anthony Pafumi: 173lbs 5th